Define the following as related to proteins (i) Primary structure (ii) Peptide linkage (iii) Denaturation

(i) Primary Structure We can refer to the specific sequence, in which various amino acids are present if we talk about the primary structure of the protein. Like the sequence of linkage between amino acid in a polypeptide chain.

The amino acids are arranged in a different sequence in each of the proteins. A little difference in the sequence of the arrangements will create a completely different protein. Primary Structure

(ii) Peptide linkage

A peptide linkage is an amide which is formed by the elimination of a water molecule between the –COOH group of one molecule of amino acid and -NH2 group of another molecule of the amino acid.

(iii) Denaturation A protein has a unique 3 – dimensional structure and a unique biological activity inside a biological system. In these type of circumstances, proteins are called a native protein. Whenever we put a native protein into a physical change like change in temperature or any chemical changes like change in pH, then there its H – bonds are disturbed or changes.

This result in the unfolding of the globules ad uncoils the helix. And the consequences of this change are that the protein results in the loss of its biological activity. This loss of biological activity by the protein is called denaturation. During this process, no changes are encountered in primary structure whereas tertiary and secondary structures will be destroyed.

Example for denaturation, proteins is the coagulation of egg white when an egg is boiled.

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