Define the following terms (a) current fallow land (b) Other than current fallow (c) Culturable wasteland.


1) Current Fallow Land

The cultural practice adopted to give rest to the land is known as fallowing. The land recoups the lost fertility through natural processes. Under current fallow land, the land is left without cultivation for less than one or one agricultural year.

2) Fallow other than Current Fallow

When the cultivable land is left uncultivated for more than a year but less than five years, it is categorized as fallow other than current fallow.

3) Culturable Wasteland

If the land is left uncultivated for more than five years, it would be categorized as culturable wasteland.

Land-Use categories as per Land Revenue Records

The above mentioned categories are different Land-Use categories maintained in Land Revenue Records. There are a total of 9 different land use categories as mentioned in the land revenue records. Apart from the above 3 land use categories, the remaining six categories are mentioned below.

Area under Permanent Pastures and Grazing Lands

  • Only a small proportion of this land is privately owned.
  • Typically this kind of land is owned by the village Panchayat or Government. It comes under ‘common property resources’.

Net Area Sown

  • The physical extent of land on which crops are sown and harvested is known as net sown area.

Area under Miscellaneous Tree Crops and Groves (Not included is Net sown Area)

  • Most of the land under this category is privately owned.
  • The land under orchards and fruit trees comes under this category.

Barren and Wastelands 

  • The lands coming under this category are the ones which cannot be cultivated with the available technology.
  • Desert lands, ravines, barren hilly terrains will come under this classification.

Land put to Non-agricultural Uses

  • Land taken for Infrastructure developments like roads, canals, etc., land under urban and rural settlements shops, industries, etc. comes under this classification.


  • Area under actual forest cover is different from area classified as forest. The latter is the area which the
    Government has identified and demarcated for forest growth.

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