Define wave frequency with example

We know that disturbance causing energy transfer from one point to another is called a wave Let us consider a wave traveling from. point. Therefore let us count how many oscillations passes through that point. in sometime time say 1 second. This is called the frequency of that wave with respect to that point Thus in general, we can say wave frequency is the number of oscillations made by the wave per unit time The unit for wave frequency is. Hertz or. Hz. . As we know that some important terms for a wave include wave frequency, wave number, wave length, velocity etc. here we are discussing about wave frequency as well as it is units, mathematical formula as well as it is properties. The frequency term can be easily explained by taking an example of coil of a slinky which is moved with completing two cycles in one second. The rate of it is motion is 2 cycles/second. This rate is referred to as the wave frequency. Thus the wave frequency shows that how much the medium particles undergo in vibration when a wave is passed through that medium. It is cycles per second or waves per second or vibrations per second. It isn’t similar to period Period refers to a particular time in which a work is completed but when it is repeatedly, as well as then we say that particular task is periodical manner. Therefore the wave period is equal to time in medium’s particle completes one complete vibrational cycle. But frequency shows to how much time something is happened

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