Define wave with an example

A wave is defined as a disturbance which is moved medium; for example, the wave of the ocean moves in medium water and we can see the movement of wave crest from one side to the other side in a given time period. The motion of objects is described in terms of speed which shows the fastness of the object. Speed is the covered distance per units of time. The general mathematical formula of speed is distance divided by time; for example, if a crest of wave is covered distance of 30 meter in 10 sec then the sped of wave is 3 m per sec but if other crest covered 35 meter in 10sec then its speed is 3 5 m/s. Thus, we can see that fast wave is covered long distance in the same time period. We know that frequency of wave is the number count of waves in the gives point of time. It also affects the speed of wave. Let’s discuss wave speed examples and how frequency can affects the speed of wave . As with the particle the waves too have speed. If we observe the sea waves we see that the crests and troughs travel the distance from one point of another. Sometimes, they travel faster which means that the wave reaches to the shore quickly while other time it’s too slow to reach the shores . .

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