Definition of corrosion and rancidity with example


(a) Corrosion

Corrosion is defined as the process in which metal with atmospheric moisture and chemicals resulting in the formation of rust.


The following is an example of rust or corrosion that takes place on the iron:

\(2Fe+3H_{2}O\rightarrow Fe_{2}O_{3}+3H_{2}\)


(b) Rancidity

The term ‘rancidity’ refers to a condition in which food has become undesirable. It is often used to describe the oxygen content of oils. It’s a term used to describe the oxygen damage in food. When oxygen molecules interact with the oil and food, the normal structure of the food is damaged, resulting in a change in odour and taste, and it is not recommended for consumption.


An example of rancidity is when a chips pack is exposed to atmospheric air which results in a change in taste and odour.

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