Definition of noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective with examples.

Noun is a word used to identify a person, object or a place or an idea.

Example 1- Ronaldo is my best friend. In this sentence, Ronaldo is the main noun as it is a person. Friend is also a noun. Example 2- London is my favourite city. Here, London is the main noun as it is the name of a place. City is also a noun.

A pronoun is a word which is used to replace a noun. Some pronouns are- He, She, I, My, It, etc. Example- Sentence with a noun: Ronaldo is my best friend. Sentence with a pronoun: He is my best friend.

An adverb is a word which describes a verb. Example- He walks quickly to the office. Here, the adverb is quickly as it describes how the verb is doing the action of walking.

A verb is a word which tells what a noun is doing.

Example- Remo likes to play football. Here, the verb is play as it tells what the subject- Remo is doing.

Adjective- An adjective is a word which describes the noun. It tells us attributes or features of the noun.

Example- Penguins are cute animals. In this sentence, cute is the adjective.

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