Democracy must be based on free and fair elections where those currently in power have a fair chance of losing. Explain?


Democracy is a political structure in which people directly exercise power, or elect members from among themselves to represent the people, such as a parliament. It is also called the majority rule and here can’t inherit the power. People are choosing their representatives. Representatives participate in an election and the voters elect their member.

Elections must be free and fair in a democracy since everyone must have an equal opportunity to succeed. The ruling party in a democracy should not be able to interfere in elections. so that elections can be held in a free and fair manner.

Why Do We Need Elections? What Makes an Election Democratic?

Elections take place regularly in any democracy. There are more than 100 countries in the world in which elections take place to choose people’s representatives. The mechanism by which people can choose their representatives at regular intervals and change them whenever they want is called an election.

Minimum conditions of a democratic election include the following points.

  • Everyone should be able to choose their own representative.
  • Elections must be held regularly after every few years.
  • Parties and candidates should be free to contest elections and should offer some real choice to the voters.
  • The candidate preferred by the people should get elected.
  • Elections should be conducted in a free and fair manner where people can choose as they really wish

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