Describe a test for hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most ample element or chemical substance that is accessible in our universe. It makes up 90 per cent of all the atoms. It is the smallest and the lightest of all elements having atomic number 1 and atomic weight as 1.008. Hydrogen is mostly seen in the form of a gas and is colourless, odourless but flammable.

Test for hydrogen

To test the presence of hydrogen the following test can be performed

A lighted wooden splint makes a popping sound in a test tube of hydrogen.

Characteristic test for hydrogen (H2) gas can be performed by bringing a burning candle near the source of hydrogen. On doing so, hydrogen gas burns with a squeaky pop sound. Hydrogen gas is recognised by the ‘pop’ when it burns. The ‘pop’ is the sound of a small explosion. Hydrogen gas is highly flammable.

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