Describe global poverty trends?


We are living via a phase of intense global poverty reduction. Although the overall incidence of poverty is in decline, there is a shift in the global poverty landscape. Two distinct patterns capture this change: poor people are increasingly found in regions with middle incomes and in fragile states.

  • Since the 1980s, global poverty has shown a decrease.
  • The level of poverty in certain nations, particularly China and Southeast Asian countries, has shown a solid decrease since industrial development has occurred in several nations, but the same cannot be said about the Indian subcontinent.
  • In such nations, poverty levels have decreased, but not at the same level.
  • In Sub-Saharan nations, the poverty level has risen to 46%, while in Latin countries, like Spain, Portugal, Argentina, etc., the poverty rate stays the same.
  • In Russia, that claimed earlier of having 0 percent or non-existent poverty, a rise in the level of poverty was reported.

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