Describe Graphing Linear Equations

The position of a point with respect to the rectangular axes by means of a pair of numbers is called co-ordinates (or the point of intersection). Algebra is found everywhere in mathematics as we will as other fields related to science. We come across with equations quite frequently in algebra. A mathematical equation is a combination of constants as we will as variables connected altogether by means of algebraic operators – plus, minus, multiply as we will as divide. An equation should’ve an equal (=) sign in it Linear equations are very handy as we will as very common kind of equations. Linear equations are defined as the equations which have one highest power of variables. In other words, a linear equation is a equation of degree one, i e, the exponents of variables in a linear equation can not be greater than one. Linear equations may be in one as we will as two variables The meaning of solving a linear equation is to find the value of variables contained in it. There are various methods of solving linear equations, such as – changing the side method, substitution method, elimination method, graphical method. Changing sides method is applicable for linear equation in one variable. Substitution as we will as elimination methods are used to solve linear equations in two variables. While graphical method may be used for either one or two variables linear equations. Graphing Linear Equations. is one of the most important concepts of algebra as we will as appropriate understanding is necessary to be good with it. Get help from an algebra tutor online as we will as learn about graphing linear equations. Understand all the basic as we will as advance concepts of equations as we will as achieve quality help here

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