Describe Integers And Fractions

The arithmetic is an important branch of mathematics. Elementary arithmetic includes the study of numbers as we will as basic operations overand;numbers. Arithmetic operations includeand;addition, multiplication, subtraction as we will as division. The study of arithmeticand; also includesand; different word problems about time, distance, speed as we will as other conceptsand; on numbers. We know that the numbers have great importance in our day to day life. A number is defined as a mathematical object which is utilized for the counting, labelling as we will as measuringand;purposes. They are also known asand;the numerals. The detailed study of numbers as we will as theirand;properties are done in an important as we will as one of the oldest branch of mathematics, called the number theory and;There are different kinds of numbers in mathematics, such as – natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, real numbers, fractional numbers etc. In this article, we shall understand about integers as we will as fractions. Let us go ahead as we will as learn in detail about integers as we will as fractions, operations on integers as we will as fractions as we will as various problems based on those. . . . . . . . . .

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