Describe isolobal species with examples

Isobal principle is a concept that has been used in organometallic chemistry to relate the structure of organic and inorganic molecular fragments

and to predict the bonding properties of organometallic compounds.

Isobal species are those pairs whose frontier orbitals which are same in number, have similar symmetry, have approximately the same energy and have the same number of electrons on them

For example- CH3, NH2, OH, F, Cl, Co(CO)4 and CpMo(CO)3 All these groups can combine to form an ordinary bond lke- CH3-CH3, NH2-NH2, HO-OH, F-F, Cl-Cl, (CO)4Co-Co(CO)4, CpMo(CO)3-Mo(CO)3Cp,CH3-NH2, CH3-OH,CH3-F,CH3-Cl,CH3-Co(CO)4,CH3-Mo(CO)3Cp NH2-OH, NH2-F, NH2-Cl etc

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