Describe Methods of Integration

As integration is the revere process of differentiation. It’s studied under the branch of calculus which is known as integral calculus. Integration is a very important part of mathematics. In applied Maths, there are lots and lots of problems involvingand;integration of functions. The integration is more of an art in comparison with any other process in mathematics and; There are various methods or techniques of integrations which shouldand;be chosen wisely in order to get an appropriateand;integral of a function. . Main integration methods are listed below: 1) Integration by parts 2) Integration by t-substitution 3) Integration by trig substitution4) Integration byand;partial fractions. In this article, we shall survey above mentioned methods of integration. We’re going to get the basic idea behind usingand;various techniques ofand;integration. Some of them are little easier, while some are bitand; tediousand;to deal with. In this chapter, we’re going to teach these techniques toand;you, s o that you get a fairly good knowledge about basic methods of integration. They make you enable to work with different problems involving integration. Mainly in this chapter, we’re going to deal with indefinite integrals. We assume if you’re able to calculateand;the indefinite integrals, then definite integrals can be easily done becauseand;you just have to solve aand;definite integration like an indefinite one and have to end upand;byand;substitutingand;the given values. Let us go ahead and learn about various integration techniques along with the solved examples. . . . . . . . . . .

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