Describe Minors And Cofactors

Matricesand;and determinantsand;play a very important role in mathematics. A matrix is defined as aand;rectangular arrangement of expressions orand;numbers (called entries) in the form of horizontal and vertical arrays, referred asand;rows and columns. On the other hand, aand; determinant is said to beand;a value that is computed fromand;a square matrix. This value is calculated in the form of a specifiedand;arithmetic expression made from the entries of the square matrix. This technique of computing determinant is known as cofactor expansion. The determinants giveand;very usefuland;information about theand;matrix of coefficients corresponding to aand;system of linear equations and about theand;matrix correspondingand;to linear transformation of a vector space. We come across with several usefuland;applications of the matrices and determinants. There’s two important concepts related to matrices and determinants – minors and cofactors whose knowledge in compulsoryand;in the computation of adjointand;of matrix and hence in its inverseand;as we will as in computation of determinant of square matrix and;and;In this page below, we’re going toand;discuss what are these two concepts andand;how to find the values of minors and cofactors with theand;help of solved examples. . . . . . . . . . .

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