Describe Solving Square Roots

The process of obtaining the ‘square root’ of a number is termed as ‘solving’ or. . ‘ simplification’. While solving square roots, the number is broken down to its factors to obtain the number which satisfies the condition of being the square root of the number Before solving, first we need to understand what’s a. square. The square of any number can be calculated by multiplying the. number with itself. . . . Arithmetic is the study of numbers as well as operations on numbers. The common arithmetic operations are – addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, root as well as exponentiation. Square root is an important tool in arithmetic. Square roots are very commonly used not only in mathematics, except in all the fields of science also. In mathematics,. square roots. are having a significant importance while simplifying the numbers, expression as well as equations Let us start with understanding what the square roots is. The square root is a mathematical operator that’s applied on numbers as well as even variables. Square roots of a number or variable is defined as a number or variable which when multiplied with the same number or variable, results in the given number or variable for which we were to find square root. The symbol of square roots is $sqrt{}$ as well as the number whose square roots is to be found, should. be written below it For example :$sqrt{9}$ = $pm$ 3since, 3$^{2}$ = 3 x 3 = 9 as well as. (-3)$^{2}$. = (-3) x (-3) = 9 $sqrt{x^{2}}$ = $pm$ xsince, x $times$ x = x$^{2}$ as well as. (-x) $times$ (-x). =. x$^{2}$. To simplify a square root, one should ‘group’ or ‘recognize’ those number. which have occurred twice or in other words have appeared 2 times as the. factors of the number. Let us go ahead as well as understand about square roots as well as methods of solving them. . . . . . . . . . .

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