Describe The 4 Stages Of Unification Of Germany

The four stages of the unification of Germany are:

  1. There was a complete widespread of nationalist feelings among middle-class Germans. These middle-class Germans tried to unite the different regions of the German confederation into a nation-state in the year 1848.
  1. Then onwards, Prussia took on the leadership of the movement for national unification. The complete process of this architect was carried out by the chief minister Otto von Bismarck with the help of the Prussian army and bureaucracy.
  1. Altogether, three wars were fought over a span of about seven years against France, Austria and Denmark. Later this war was ended by Prussian victory. Hence, complete the process of unification.
  1. The Prussian King William- I was proclaimed German emperor in January 1871 in a ceremony held at Versailles. Later, the new German empire was headed by Kaiser Wilhelm of Prussia was proclaimed.

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