Describe the impact of globalisation on agriculture

Globalisation is usually demonstrated to indicate the integration of the economy of the nation with the world economy, which is a multifaceted aspect. Globalisation is the final product of the collection of multiple strategies that are directed at transforming the world towards greater interdependence and integration. It comprises the creation of networks and pursuits transforming social, economic and geographical barriers. Globalisation tries to construct links in such a manner that the events in India can be determined by events happening distances away.

Impact on agriculture

  • Globalisation is an old phenomenon.
  • It started at the time of colonisation.
  • In the nineteenth century when European traders came to India, during that time as well the Indian spices were exported to different countries of the world and farmers of south India were encouraged and enhanced to grow these crops.
  • Till today, it is one of the major items of export from India.
  • Under globalisation, majorly after 1990, the farmers in India have been exposed to new challenges and task.
  • Despite being an important and major producer of rice, cotton, rubber, tea, coffee, jute and spices, our agricultural products are not able to compete with the developed countries due to the highly subsidised agriculture in other foreign countries.
  • Today, Indian agriculture marks itself at the crossroads.
  • To make agriculture successful and profitable, proper and considerable amount of thrust should be given to the improvement of the condition of marginal and small farmers.
  • Establishment of food processing industries, and increase in employment
  • One of the negative impacts of globalization on the Indian agriculture sector was the availability of lesser manpower in the fields as people started migrating to cities in search of jobs in different industries.

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