Describe the meaning of Disaster Management.


Disasters can be natural or can be the result of human activities. It is particularly difficult to completely eliminate or escape natural disasters. Hence, it is important to manage disasters. The best available option to manage disaster is better preparedness to face disaster and work on disaster mitigation. This is disaster management.

Disaster management and mitigation involves three different stages.

Stage 1 of Disaster Management: Pre-Disaster Management

  • Pre-disaster management involves spreading awareness about disasters that people could face, preparing vulnerability zoning maps, generating information and data about the disasters.
  • In the vulnerable areas, preventive measures, preparedness, and disaster planning steps should be implemented.

Stage 2 of Disaster Management: Disaster Management when the Disaster strikes

  • When disaster strikes, then on an emergency basis, the disaster management teams have to set up relief camps, construct shelters, carry out evacuation processes, conduct relief and rescue operations.
  • On an emergency basis, medical aids, clothing, food, and water should be supplied.

Stage 3 of Disaster Management: Post-Disaster Operations

  • Post-disaster operations involve recovery and rehabilitation of victims.
  • Focus on capacity building to handle future disasters.

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