Describe the methods of asexual reproduction?


Different methods of asexual reproduction:

(i) Vegetative propagation: In this asexual reproduction, new plants are produced from roots, stems, leaves and buds of individual plant. Examples: Stem cutting in champa, eye growth in potatoes, bud in case of bryophyllum etc.

(ii) Budding: The bud is a small projection which gradually grows and gets detached from the parent cell and forms a new yeast cell. The new yeast cell grows, matures and produces more yeast cells. Example: Yeast.

(iii) Fragmentation: In this mode of reproduction, the growth and multiplication is done by rapidly breaking down into two or more fragments. Each piece grows into new individuals when water and nutrients are available. Example: Algae

(iv) Spore Formation: This reproduction is done by spores which under favourable conditions germinates and develops into a new individual. Examples: Moss and ferns.

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