Describe the process of Unification of Italy.


  1. Italy’s unification process was the work of Giuseppe Garibaldi, Count Cavour, and Victory Emmanuel II, the 3 primary leaders.
  2. Italy was divided into 7 states in which only the Sardinia-Piedmont region was ruled by the Princely House of Italy.
  3. The northern region was controlled by the Austrian-Habsburg dynasty, the central region was governed by France’s Popes, and the southern region by Spain’s Bourbon kings.
  4. With the secret societies founded by Mazzini, such as Young Italy and Young Europe, the unification of Italy began.
  5. With his full tack of diplomacy with France, Count Cavour overcame the Austrians and liberated northern Italy.
  6. Garibaldi defeated the Bourbon kings of Spain with his armed volunteers called red shirts, liberating the kingdom of two Sicilies.
  7. The second victory of Emmanuel overcame the popes of France and liberated the southern area and completed the unification of Italy, and the Emperor of unified Italy was proclaimed.

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