Describe third degree polynomial


Polynomials are algebraic expressions that consist of variables and coefficients. Variables are also sometimes called indeterminates. A polynomial’s degree is the highest or the greatest power of a variable in a polynomial equation. The degree indicates the highest exponential power in the polynomial.

Every polynomial with a specific degree has been assigned a specific name as follows:

Degree Polynomial Name
Degree 0 Constant Polynomial
Degree 1 Linear Polynomial
Degree 2 Quadratic Polynomial
Degree 3 Cubic Polynomial
Degree 4 Quartic Polynomial
  • A zero polynomial is one where all the coefficients are equal to zero. So, the degree of the zero polynomial is either undefined, or it is set equal to -1.
  • A first. degree polynomial, i e. a polynomial having one as the highest power, is known as a linear polynomial.
  • A second-degree polynomial, i e. a polynomial with two as its highest power, is known as a quadratic polynomial.
  • A third-degree polynomial is simply a polynomial that has three as the greatest exponent of variables. It’s also known as a. cubic polynomial.

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