Design an experiment to demonstrate hydrotropism.

Hydrotropism is the process of growth or movement of roots towards the source of water. Here is an experiment that is performed to observe the growth of plants when water is present.


  • Two beakers are taken 1 and 2
  • Moist soil is added to beaker 1 and sow the seeds.
  • Dry soil is added to beaker 2 in one part and moist soil in another part and sow the seeds. Also, place a small beaker of water just adjacent to it.
  • Keep it for some time so that the plants can grow.


  • It was found that in beaker 1 due to the presence of moist soil, plants will grow normally and roots will be straight.
  • In beaker 2 it was observed that the presence of water beaker next to its plant grows towards the water as shown in the above figure.


It confirms that the plant shows hydrotropism as the roots bend towards the porous pot of water. As hydrotropism is a plant growth response in which the direction of growth is determined by a stimulus of gradient in water concentration.

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