Diagrammatically show the difference between the three types of muscle fibres.

types of muscles in human body

Skeletal Muscle Tissue

  • These muscles are attached to the skeleton and help in its movement.
  • Skeletal are voluntary muscles composed of muscle fibers.
  • The cells of these tissues are multinucleated.
  • These are provided with blood vessels and many elongated mitochondria and glycogen granules.

Smooth Muscle Tissue

  • These are non-striated, involuntary muscles controlled by the Autonomous Nervous System.
  • It stimulates the contractility of the digestive, urinary, reproductive systems, blood vessels, and airways.
  • The actin and myosin filaments are very thin and arranged randomly, hence no striations.
  • The cells are spindle-shaped with a single nucleus.

Cardiac Muscle Tissue

  • These are involuntary muscles and the heart pumps the blood through cardiac contractions.
  • They are single-celled and uninucleate.
  • The ends of the cells are joined, and the junctions are called intercalated discs. The cells are attached to each other by desmosomes.

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