Difference between ADS panel and IPS panel in LED TV?


Various large viewing angle panels, such as IPS, ADS, PLS and VA panels, are produced by panel makers. In LED TVs, such panels expand the standard displays between 170/160 – 178/178 degrees.

In-Plane Switching or IPS panel

In this, the cell’s liquid crystals still stay on the same plane. Due to the transverse electrical field, they are often parallel to the panel’s plane. As the voltage is generated to the cell, all the crystals of a cell turn by 90 degrees.

Advanced Plane-to-Line Switching or ADS plane

The ADS panel infrastructure is the same as PLS. The liquid crystals still lies along the same plane in this, like IPS screens. As it uses a longitudinal electrical field and a transverse electrical field for parallel liquid crystal movement, ADS is different from IPS.

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