Difference between Asexual and Sexual Reproduction


Reproduction is a type of creating offspring which are identical to the parent species genetically or biologically.ย Reproduction makes and preserves survival of the organisms, generation by generation. It is the primary attribute of life on this earth.

Various types of Reproduction

There are basically two types of reproduction

  1. Sexual Reproduction
  2. Asexual Reproduction

Difference between Sexual and Asexual types of reproductions

Sexual Reproduction

Asexual Reproduction

Two parents are involved One parent is involved
Newborn are similar to their parents A new generation is an identical or true copy of their parent
It requires the formation of gametes It doesnโ€™t require the formation of gametes
Special organs for reproduction are required. Special organs for reproduction are not required
Examples – Mangoes, coconut, Hibiscus etc. Examples – Potato, Jasmine, Rose, Yeast, Bryophyllum etc



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