Difference between aves and mammals

In this article will learn about the difference between Aves and Mammals. Let us learn their definition first


Aves or birds are vertebrates that are able to fly. They own feathers. Aves bones are hollow and light. Forelimbs of the aves are adjusted to flight. The Aves belong to the phylum Chordata of the animal kingdom.


Mammals are a class of vertebrates of kingdom Animalia. Mammals are distinguished from other animals by having their own mammary glands. Mammals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms. Animals belonging to class Mammalia are referred to as mammals.

Difference between Aves and Mammals

The difference between aves and mammals are as follows:

Aves  Mammals
Aves have their body covered in feathers. Bodies of mammals are covered with hair.
Aves lay eggs. Mammals give birth to young ones.
The mammary glands are absent in aves Mammals have mammary glands.
Aves have their forelimbs modified into wings. forelimbs in the mammals are not modified into wings.
Aves have hollow bones. Mammals have solid bones.
Aves are oviparous Mammals are viviparous
Aves are adapted to trial habitat. Adapted to many kinds of habitats like aquatic, terrestrial, arboreal etc
Aves have a beak. Mammals do not have a beak.

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