Difference between Binary Fission and Budding

Asexual reproduction is defined as the process in which the off spring is born using single parent.

Binary fission and budding are the types of asexual reproduction. The other classification of asexual reproduction are fragmentation and parthenogenesis.

Difference between Binary Fission and Budding

Binary Fission Budding
The division of the cells into two daughter cells is known as binary fission The formation of new bud from the parent organism is known as budding
Type of reproduction
It is a type of fission It is a type of vegetative propagation
Identification of parent
Parent cell cannot be identified since the parent cell itself gets divided into two daughter cells The parent cell gets detached from the new cell
Type of division
A symmetric division An symmetric division
Bacteria and archaes show binary fission Yeast and hydra show budding
Binary Fission Budding in hydra


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