What are the differences between beekeeping and poultry farming?

Poultry birds include chicken, ducks, turkey and geese. Beekeeping is the practice of rearing, caring and management of honey bees for obtaining honey. At the same time, poultry farming is rearing domesticated fowls (chicken), ducks, geese and turkey for eggs and meat production. Bees obtain food (nectar), whereas Poultry birds are provided food by the rearers.

Beekeeping Poultry farming
Beekeeping is the maintenance of colonies of bees. Poultry farming is the raising of domesticated birds like chickens, ducks, etc.
It is also called apiculture. It is also called Ranch or valley farming.
It is the process of rearing honey bees. It is the process of raising domesticated fowl.
Honey bees obtain their food from the nectar of the flower. Poultry birds obtain their food from the source provided by rearers.
The final product is honey and wax. The final product is meat and eggs.

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