Differentiate between male and female cockroach on the basis of external morphology.


Cockroaches are pests inhabiting the unhygienic and damp places. They are dark brown in colour belonging to the phylum Arthropoda, the Blattidae family, and class Insecta.

Difference between male and female cockroach

The difference between male and female cockroaches are explained below.

Male Cockroach

Female Cockroach

A male cockroach is smaller in size A female cockroach is larger in size compared to a male cockroach
The abdomen of the male cockroach is slender The abdomen of the female cockroach is boat-shaped and blunt.
The wings of the male cockroach are larger. The wings of the female cockroach are smaller.
The antennae of male cockroaches are smaller than that of the females. The antennae are relatively larger than that of the males.
The male reproductive system consists of a pair of testes present in the 4th and 6th segments of the abdomen laterally The female reproductive system consists of two ovaries in the 2nd and 6th segment of the abdomen.

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