Differentiate between skilled semiskilled and unskilled labour

The structure of the Labour working in India is made up of multiple layers. As per Government laws, categorisation of the labour sector is done on the basis of skill and area of operation are given below.

  • Unskilled
  • Semi-skilled
  • Skilled
  • Highly skilled

Classification of labour

(i) Unskilled:
An unskilled employee is one who does operations that involve the performance of simple duties and tasks that require the experience of little or no previous experience or skills. Although familiarity with the occupational environment is mandatory. This type of labours may require more physical strength than any other skills.

(ii) Semi-skilled:
A semiskilled worker is one who does work generally of a general specified routine nature. The major requirement is not so much progress and that can be judged, and but for the proper discharge of duties assigned to him. It is a relatively narrow job and important decisions made by other higher officials. His work is hence limited to the performance of routine operations and does not have much career scope.

(iii) Skilled:
A skilled employee is one who is capable of working efficiently of exercising considerable independent and judgement can be made. He can discharge his duties with responsibility. He must possess a good and comprehensive knowledge of the trade, craft or industry where he is employed.

(iv) Highly Skilled:
A highly skilled worker is one who is capable of working efficiently and supervises the other skilled employees. He can also assign tasks or duties to other skilled officials and extract the work that has to be finished.

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