Differentiate between : Thalamus and Hypothalamus.


The difference between the thalamus and hypothalamus is explained below.



The thalamus is a small structure, located right above the brainstem responsible for relaying sensory information from the sense organs.

The hypothalamus is a small and essential part of the brain, located precisely below the thalamus

It is responsible for transmitting motor information for movement and coordination. It is found in the limbic system within the cerebrum. This limbic system is mainly responsible for the formation of new memories and storing past experiences.

It involves receiving impulses, regulates body temperature, controls the mood and emotions, controls the sense of taste and smell, synthesises the body’s essential hormones, coordinates the messages from the autonomous nervous system, controls appetite, peristalsis, the rate of heartbeat, and blood pressure and forms an axis with the pituitary gland which is the main link between the nervous and the endocrine systems.

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