Differentiate between the direct and indirect use value of biodiversity with suitable examples.


Biodiversity is the difference between living organisms from various sources, including terrestrial, marine and desert habitats, and the ecological complexes of which they are part. The richness and variety of life on earth are defined by biodiversity. It is our planet’s most dynamic and important feature. Life will not be sustainable without biodiversity.

Direct values

  • Plants are an immediate incentive to sustainability since they are the main advantage of supplying food that can legally be harvested and spent.
  • In terms of the fact that for a considerable period of time, forest has produced wood that is used as fuel that is used for gas, fire, heating, as well as other mechanical processes.
  • Considering the fact that traditional medicinal practises use plants, drugs and medications are an immediate incentive to biodiversity.
  • In view of the fact that fuel is an immediate incentive for biodiversity for a substantial period of time

Indirect values

  • In view of the fact that multiple plants and animals are seen as holy and sacred and are cherished and respected in some rigid nations, cultural and traditional beliefs are an aberrant incentive for biodiversity.
  • Ethical principles are a backhanded encouragement to its biodiversity as it associates with biodiversity conservation where the moral dilemma of ‘all living things must be protected’ is enhanced.
  • Aesthetic values are an abnormal motivation for biodiversity as distinctive scenes at undisturbed spots are excellent to watch and provide options for leisure exercises that advance the eco-travel industry that further develops zoological nurseries, national parks, structuring.

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