Discuss the powers and functions of the Parliament.


Apart from making Laws for India, the other important functions and powers of the Parliament are given below:

Financial Functions of the Parliament

  • Parliament has the power to grant the resources to the Government, to help the Government implement its various programmes.
  • The financial resources that the Government wishes to raise, the money spent by the Government; these details have to be shared by the Government with the Parliament.
  • Parliament controls the taxation and the way the funds are utilised by the Government.
  • The approval of Lok Sabha (the lower house of the Parliament) is needed if the Government of India wants to introduce new taxes.
  • Government has to present its budget and financial statements in the Parliament.

Debating Functions of the Parliament

  • The highest forum for debates in India is the Parliament.
  • All the Members of Parliament have the right to debate and speak on any matter.
  • Every issue in India gets analysed in the debates held in the Parliament.
  • Debates in Parliament are the heart of decision making in India.

Judicial Functions of the Parliament

  • Considering the proposals for the removal of the judges of Supreme Court, High Courts, Vice-President and President is the judicial function of the Parliament.

Electoral Functions of the Parliament

  • Parliament has the power to elect the Vice President of India and the President of India. This is the electoral function of the Parliament.

Constituent Functions of the Parliament

  • Approval of the Parliament is needed for making any amendments in the Constitution of India.
  • The Parliament has the power to discuss and enact changes 

Legislative Functions of the Parliament

  • Legislations of the country are enacted in the Parliament of India.

Controlling the Executive

  • Parliament of India ensures that there is accountability of the Executive.
  • Parliament ensures that the executive remains responsible to the people who have elected them.
  • Parliament ensures that the executive does not overstep its authority.

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