Distinguish Between Loudness and Intensity of Sound

The intensity of Sound:

The intensity of a sound wave is defined as the amount of sound energy passing through a unit area per second.

The intensity of sound is given as:



  • I is the sound intensity
  • P is the acoustic power
  • A is the normal area to the direction of propagation


Loudness is a measure of the response of the ear to the sound. Its amplitude defines the loudness of a sound. The amplitude of a sound decides its intensity, which is perceived by the ear as loud.

Therefore, the following is the table that explains the difference between loudness and intensity:

Loudness is the measure of the response of the ear to the sound. Intensity is the sound power per unit area.
Loudness is measured in decibels. Intensity is measured in Watt per meter square.
Loudness is dependent on the sensitivity of the human ears. Intensity is independent of the sensitivity of the human ears.
Loudness is a subjective quantity. Intensity is an objective quantity.

Check the video below and learn about the Characteristics Of Sound Waves:

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