Distinguish between orbital and subshell.

Orbital is a function which describes the wave-like behaviour of an electron. It explains the exact movement of the electrons. An atomic orbital is a space where the probability of the electron is the highest. A subshell is a pathway followed by the electrons moves within the shell. There are four types of subshells. s,p,d and f are the subshells. A subshell is composed of orbitals. It is a subdivision of electron shells which is separated by electron orbitals. The first shell consist of only one subshell that is s’ and the second subshell consist of two subshells that is’s’ and ‘p’ and so on. Each subshell contains one or more orbitals. s contain one orbital, p contains 3 orbitals, d contains 5 orbitals and f contain 7 orbitals.

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