Distinguish between orbital and subshell.



  •  Orbital is a function which describes the wave-like behaviour of an electron
  • An atomic orbital is a space where the probability of the electron is the highest


  • A subshell is a pathway followed by the electrons moves within the shell.
  • There are four types of subshells. s,p,d and f are the subshells.
  • A subshell is composed of orbitals.
  • It is a subdivision of electron shells which is separated by electron orbitals.
  • The first shell consists of only one subshell that is ‘s’ and the second subshell consist of two subshells that is ‘s’ and ‘p’ and so on.
  • Each subshell contains one or more orbitals. s contain one orbital, p contains 3 orbitals, d contains 5 orbitals and f contain 7 orbitals.

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