Distinguish between plateaus and plains.

Answer: The earth’s surface is irregular, some parts may be rough and some may be smooth. The planet has an enormous number of landforms. Based on the elevation and slope, landforms can be classified, and they are:

  1. Mountain range
  2. Plateaus
  3. Plains


The elevated flat land is known as plateau. It is a flat-topped table land standing above the surrounding area.


  • One of the most ancient plateaus is the Deccan plateau in India.
  • Australia’s western plateau,
  • East African Plateau in Kenya – The Tanzania and Uganda
  • The Tibet plateau, which is the world’s highest plateau, etc.


The plains are wide, flat stretches of land. They are not more than 200 metres above the mean sea level. Usually, plains are very fertile; thus, these plains are parts of the earth which are very densely populated.


  • In Asia and North America the largest plains created by the rivers are found
  • The Ganga and the Brahmaputra in India and the Yangtze in China form large plains in Asia.

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