Distinguish between the ferrous and nonferrous minerals

We find various kinds of minerals from the ore. The metals are extracted from these minerals. There are various kinds of minerals. So let us first know what are minerals and they learn the difference between the ferrous and non-ferrous minerals.

What are minerals?

Minerals can be termed as homogenous, naturally occurring substances with a definable internal structure. Minerals are found in varied forms in nature, ranging from the hardest diamond to the softest talc.

Difference between ferrous and non-ferrous minerals

Ferrous minerals are metallic minerals containing iron. While non-ferrous minerals are also metallic, but they do not contain iron. The difference between these two minerals are tabulated below.

Ferrous minerals Non-ferrous minerals
These minerals mostly contain Iron These minerals do not contain any iron
These minerals are magnetic These minerals are not magnetic
These minerals weigh more These minerals weigh less
Less resistant to corrosion More resistant to corrosion.
Examples: Manganese and iron Examples: Gold, copper, zinc, etc.

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