Do all the stars in the sky move? Explain.

The earth rotates on its axis from west to east. Therefore, all the stars in the sky (except the pole star) seem to move from east to west. Pole star is located along the axis of rotation of the Earth in the north direction. Thus, it seems to remain stationary at a point in the sky and all other stars appear to move around the pole star.


  • Stars that are close to the Earth’s axis of rotation—what we call the north and the south pole—rotate around the poles. If the pole’s location is far enough above the horizon, some stars never set. They just keep spinning.
  • he stars within 40 degrees of Polaris appear to rotate around it and do not set below the horizon, these stars are said to be ‘circumpolar’. Stars further than 40 degrees from Polaris disappear below the horizon for part of the year and reappear at the same time every year.

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