Do Flowering Plants Reproduce Sexually or Asexually

Flowers of all flowering plants are the most important part of the plant, which can reproduce both by sexual and asexual means.

Sexual Reproduction in plants

Flowers are called as the reproductive organ of a plant, as it comprises of male and female reproductive organs. The complete flower typically consists of Petals, Sepals, Stamen (male reproductive part) and Pistil (female reproductive part)

There are two types of flowers and they are classified based on the presence of reproductive organs.

  • Unisexual flowers – These flowers hold either the pistil or the stamens.
  • Bisexual flowers – These flowers hold both the stamens and pistil.

The process of sexual reproduction in flowering plants is carried out by a series of process and it begins with the production of male and female gametes, pollination, fertilization, the formation of the zygote and the ovary and the formation of fruit.

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Asexual Reproduction in plants

There are many plants which directly grow and develops from the buds that are present on the surface of the stem. The different methods of asexual reproduction in plants are:

  • Grafting
  • Layering
  • Micropropagation
  • Vegetative Propagation

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