Do Genes Evolve?

Yes, Genes do evolve. Genes are small units or a part of a DNA molecule within the genome that code for proteins. The main function of the gene is to store information, which is required to build specific proteins needed in an organism. They also hold the instructions required for individual characteristics – like the colour of skin, eye, and hair. An individual carries over twenty thousand genes that are responsible for producing or encoding everything from the structural proteins in our hair down to the muscle fibres in our foot toes. Most genes are made up of DNA and are transferred from our parents.

Evolution of Genes

The history of life on the planet Earth has been marked by the evolution of new genes. We, humans, have more genes with more different functions than other living species. The genes that have originated newly in the relevant evolutionary timescale are termed as the new gene. These new genes are produced by the two basic mechanisms-

  • Gene Duplication
  • de novo Genes

This was a brief introduction to Evolution of Genes. Stay tuned with BYJU’S to know more about the Genes, its structure, types, and functions.

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