Do Genetics Influence Behavior?

Yes, genes play a larger role in influencing our behaviour. The way we behave is the result of our genetic makeup. Overall, genes do not determine behaviour, but they influence behaviour. Genetics is a branch of biology, which is mainly concerned with the study of genes, its structure, functions and also about how the genes are passed from one generation to another. Genetics also explains how the genetic makeup of a person influence its physical and behavioural characteristics.

Genetics, which deals with human behaviours and the influence of genetic factors on behavioural traits are termed as behavioural genetics. Human behaviour is influenced both by the inherit genes and also the environment in which we are living. The variations in human behaviour are seen every day. According to behavioural genetics, every individual exhibit certain behaviours that are important and are beneficial.

Heritability estimate is a mathematical formula used by Scientists to check how much of impact genes have on behaviour. This was a brief introduction to the influence of Genetics on human behaviour. Stay tuned with BYJU’S to know more about the genes, genetics, the Inherited, and Acquired traits.

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