Do You Get More DNA From Your Mother Or Father?

Many of our family members have a probable explanation as to whom you resemble more – your mother or father. Some say we inherit more of the mother’s than the father’s genes. But according to the latest research carried out, when a new individual is formed by receiving a set of one genome from each parent, as a result of the cell fertilization and division process, genetic make-up consisting of the DNA and chromosomes are split too. Mitochondria – the tiny cell organelles are inherited from the mother. We get 50% of our genes from each of our parents, but the percentages of DNA  received from ancestors at the grandparent level and further back is not necessarily neatly divided in two with each generation.

A cell generates food with the help of mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy-generating factories of a cell. They retain their own genome called mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA) which is replicated in each cell, as mitochondria copy within the cell.

We receive 50% of the genes from the paternal and maternal side each. But not all genes are expressed. Epigenetic plays a role in which DNA is expressed.

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