Do You Get More DNA From Your Mother Or Father?

Many of our family members have a probable explanation as to who you resemble more – your mother or father. Some say we inherit more of the mother’s than the father’s genes. But according to the latest research carried out, when a new individual is formed by receiving a set of one genome from each parent, as a result of the cell fertilization and division process, genetic make-up consisting of the DNA and chromosomes are split too. Mitochondria – the tiny cell organelles are inherited from the mother.

A cell generates food with the help of mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy-generating factories of a cell. They retain their own genome called mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA) which is replicated in each cell, as mitochondria copy within the cell.

We receive 50% of the genes from the paternal and maternal side each. But not all genes are expressed. Epigenetics plays a role in which DNA is expressed.

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