Does Environment And Genetics Affect Behaviour And Intelligence?

Intelligence is a complex characteristic that is influenced by environmental and genetic factors. It is a trait that enables to learn from experiences and to adapt to the changes around. These traits include – Critical thinking, analyzing, problem-solving, reasoning ability, comprehension of difficult situations, abstract thinking and so on. These can be gauged with the intelligence quotient(IQ). Differences and similarities in the IQ level within families can help understand the influence of genes. Along with genes, intelligence is strongly affected by one’s surroundings also. Aspects such as parenting, home environment of a child, education, nutrition etc are associated with intelligence and governed by the surroundings.

Behaviour, on the other hand, is strongly influenced by genes as per Geneticists. They suggest that genetics have a major role to play in personality. Findings on evidence of researched behavior under a notable degree of genetic influence claim that this influence eventually increases on approaching adulthood. Furthermore, most researched behavioral aspects are determined by a group of genes whose individual effects are little. As genes are heritable, researched behavioral characteristics and disorders are influenced by them. The largest source of this evidence comes from the ‘Twin Studies’ in which it is suggested that twins tend to possess more similarities than fraternal twins.

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