Draw a labelled diagram of neuron and label any four different parts explain

Here is the description of human neuron along with the diagram of the neuron and their parts.

neuron diagram

The neuron is a specialized and individual cell, which is also known as the nerve cell. A group of neurons forms a nerve.

1. Dendrites–A branch-like structure that functions by receiving messages from other neurons and allow the transmission of messages to the cell body
2. Cell Body–Each neuron has a cell body with a nucleus, Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria and other components
3. Axon–Axon is a tube-like structure that functions by carrying an electrical impulse from the cell body to the axon terminals for passing the impulse to another neuron
4. Synapse– This structure functions by permitting the entry of a neuron to move an electrical or chemical signal from one neuron to another neuron

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