Draw The Diagram Of A Flower To Show It Male And Female Reproductive Parts Label

Parts Of A Flower

Parts Of A Flower

Male reproductive parts of a flower

The male or pollen-bearing part is called the stamen.

Stamen is the male reproductive organ and is also known as Androecium. It consists of two parts:

  • Anther

The pollen-bearing body of the stamen exhibits a wide variety of forms and means of attachment.

  • Filaments

A narrow and threadlike section of the stamen functions by supporting the pollen-bearing anther.

Female reproductive parts of a flower

The female or seed-bearing part of a flower is called the pistil.

The pistil is the innermost part and the female reproductive organ of a flower. It comprises three parts:

  • Ovary

The ovary is generally central to the flower, which supports the other principal parts. It is the ductless reproductive gland that holds underutilized seeds or ovules. It is the part of the plant which is involved in the seed formation.

  • Style

It is the long, elongated tube-like slender stalk that connects the ovary to the stigma.

  • Stigma

The stigma is the upper part of the pistil, which receives the pollen. It is often sticky or covered with fine hairs or grooves, or other anatomical features that help the pollen adhere. It may be cleft into several parts.

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