Earthworms breathe through their (a) skin (b) gills (c) lungs (d) stomata

a) Skin


Earthworms do not have lungs or gills, rather they breathe through their moist skin. Their body is covered by a mucus layer. Air dissolves on the mucus of their skin, so they must stay moist to survive.The skin of the earthworms feels moist. That is why they are called slimy creatures. The reason behind their moist skin is that earthworm’s breathing organ is their skin. Air can easily pass through the skin of an earthworm.

  • The exchange of gases usually takes place through its moist skin and capillaries.
  • In these regions the oxygen gas is picked up by the haemoglobin dissolved in the blood and carbon dioxide is released out.
  • Earthworms can also use their skin to move water and salts by active transport.

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