Epoch is measured in _______

Epoch is measured in Radians.


The initial phase of the oscillating particle is called epoch.

Consider a particle executing simple harmonic motion along the Y- axis. A simple harmonic oscillator oscillates about its mean position y = 0 to the maximum distance ‘a’ on both the sides which is known as the amplitude of simple harmonic oscillator.
  • The displacement at any instant t is given by y = a sin (ωt+φ0).
  • The argument of the sine function (ωt+φ0) is called as the phase of the simple harmonic oscillator at time t and φ0 is called the initial phase or epoch. ie. at t= o , φ = φ0 and this φ0 is called as the epoch. i.e. the displacement of an oscillating body at zero time.

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