Examples of lyophilic colloids are (1) Albumin (2) RBC (3) Smoke (4) Metasulphide

Answer: (1) and (2)

A colloid is primarily a heterogeneous mixture in which the minute particles of one substance are dispersed in another substance, called the dispersion medium. Based on the nature of the interaction between the dispersion medium and the dispersed phase, colloids are classified and lyophilic collide is one of the types.

If the dispersed phase has an affinity for the dispersion medium, the colloid is called a lyophilic colloid. Even if the dispersed phase is separated from the dispersion medium, they can readily be reconstituted by simply mixing them. Moreover, they are difficult to coagulate due to their stable nature. They are also known as intrinsic colloids.

Examples – Starch, rubber, protein, RBC and egg albumin.

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