Explain about modern means of communication.


  • Communication is a process that requires a verbal and non-verbal system of transmitting and receiving messages.
  • The sender sends a message, the recipient receives a message and delivers it back to the sender again with feedback.
  • Oral and speech communication, written and graphical representations are used in the communication methods.
  • In fact, it involves the cultural sphere, a tool used to communicate, location, and so on.
  • Communication is typically a very complicated topic, even though it looks easy.
  • In simple words, with the intention of creating an understanding, communication is a two-way means of exchanging knowledge in the form of thoughts, views and ideas among two or more individuals.

List of modern methods of communications

  1. Non-verbal communication
  2. Magazines
  3. Television
  4. Newspapers
  5. Writing
  6. Radio
  7. Talking
  8. Social media
  9. Books
  10. Email
  11. Fax etc.

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