Explain any one method of crop production which ensures high yield.

One method of crop production which ensures high yield is crop rotation. This method involves growing two or more varieties of crops in the same fertile land in a sequential and seasonal order in a definite pattern. Different crops have different needs of nutrients and thus the soil gets enriched in this process. This method is beneficial because more than two types of crops having different nutrient requirement can be grown in a definite pattern of land.

  • Crop rotation involves planting a sequence of different kind of crops in a location over a number of seasons.
  • Rotating crops helps maintain or improve soil health and maintain or increase the productivity of the farm over time.
  • Plants in the same plant family should be treated as a single rotational group.
  • Vegetables belonging to the same family can be considered as a rotational group because they are susceptible to many of the same diseases and insect pests

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